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Aviacockpit is the part of Noir Aviation Group. Aviacockpit was established to provide job seekers with the best opportunity and to make up for their shortcomings and place them in the most appropriate position.

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Noir Flight School
Noir Flight School currently offers pilot training programs approved by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and local aviation authorities to pilot candidates with its campuses in Slovakia / Zilina and Hungary / Kaposvar. After the cadet pilots have successfully completed their flight training, the cooperation with Noir Flight School continues very tightly. As the Noir Flight School team, we provide them with an exclusive pilot career counseling.

Noir Aviation offers modular flight training on Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Pilot in Command (PIC), Night Visual Flight Rules (NVFR), Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). In addition to these trainings, Noir offers Aircraft Rental service. Noir Flight School gives these Flight Trainings with reasonable prices to make your Pilot Dream come true. Noir was founded by real aviation lovers to make a difference in pilot training.